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Succession Planning and Retention

Succession planning and talent retention is a significant area for the growth and development of an organisation.

A highly competitive labor market makes finding quality talent a challenge which makes the succession planning, development and retention of talent a key strategic priority.

This important first step in succession planning is focused on the critical evaluation of both individuals and positions (current and future). The consideration of retention risk is often overlooked during this important phase and only becomes a priority during talent planning….or after a valuable employee leaves.

Salt and People uses the Career Monitor management process to proactively manage retention, focusing on the factors of “what is needed” and “what works”.

The Retention Interview using the Career Monitor is a tried and tested model for both feedback and management data.

The Career Monitor is on ongoing employee development and retention initiative that uses research based quantitative interviews to provide a risk and opportunity analysis for an individual employees circumstance. A multifaceted view of their job, their peers and culture and the organisation provides a clear and concise evaluation of whether the employment relationship is at risk as well as identifying future areas of mutual opportunity.

Employers are armed with information to gain a clear perspective on the business including why people join and why they stay. Due to the quantitative analysis, employers will also know how to prioritise each aspect within 3, 6 and 12-month time frames.

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