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STAR Workplace Programme

Unlock the Value of Your People To Drive Performance


Understand how your business is performing.  We work with you to really understand what your organisation is experiencing and what matters most now and in the future.  We then assess your strategic level of engagement and company performance  against a benchmark of 600 Australasian businesses to assist you to identify key areas for your business focus.


We have identified the core employee and management culture drivers for Australasian businesses.  If you are going to improve your business performance you need to measure your culture against these Australasian benchmarks and ensure that you are in the high performing category.  Businesses don’t make decisions, people do – and culture is core to people making better business decisions all of the time.


Our anonymous Employee Surveys use research based and validated questioning to measure satisfaction in the workplace.  We produce results that managers and business owners can easily interpret and action, benchmarked to 600 Australasian businesses.

HR Framework

The HRF101 National Standard : Human Resource Framework identifies what Australasian businesses need to do to ensure the alignment and effectiveness of their HR processes with the needs of the business.  Assessing businesses against the HR Framework identifies process gaps that can be prioritised and fixed.


Engagement and  satisfaction are not enough. Competitive advantages come from aligning the activity of the employees with the strategy of the decision makers/business.  Use the metrics and benchmarking to align your people to your business performance and improve business profitability and/or growth.

The STAR Workplace program includes:

  1. A two hour one on one discussion with an experienced STAR practitioner to understand what drives your business and measures the satisfaction of the key decision maker.
  2. 30 statistically validated questions (and up to 10 custom questions) providing real data against key employee drivers.  Confidential Surveys completed anonymously either online or manually.
  3. Two hour presentation of the results with you and your leadership team, including a comprehensive management report, with all benchmark results.