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Measurement, Benchmarking & Planning

Salt & People HR is part of the largest HR Coaching network in New Zealand and Australia. We help businesses get proactive and strategic, linking people with business strategy, we know successful businesses don’t just happen overnight. We focus on the five core areas of the Human Resouces Framework (HRF 101)

Salt & People HR is highly trained and experienced in helping organisations of any size with your HR Strategy and Planning. The STAR Workplace Program is a business improvement and benchmark tool which enables businesses to assess, measure and plan. We use the STAR Workplace methodology to produce an organisational snapshot to identify and understand the levels of Employer and Employee Engagement, strategic risk areas and initiatives that are working well within your organisation.

So if you want to increase performance and profitability. Then first we have to measure.


Organisational Measurement and Planning activities include:

  • Benchmarks your business against other New Zealand Businesses
  • Identifies risks, management issues and opportunities hidden within your business
  • HR Plan mapping to strategy and analysis findings
  • Translates into a constructive and actionable 12 month plan
 This data helps us to develop your customised Annual HR plan with clear action items and goals for your business.
Use our free business health check tool to understand how your business is currently performing across six key metrics.

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