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Organisational Measurement and Planning

You cannot manage what you don’t measure.

Independent research has shown that the in the New Zealand market, only 22% of businesses align the strategy of the business with the everyday activity of its employees.

A large portion of the remaining businesses have not linked their strategy with their activity, their employees are busy being busy, but never actually achieving results. Working with these businesses to understand where they are now and where they want to be in the future allows businesses to take the first step in creating a profitable and sustainable future.


Minimise Risks
  • Implementing and maintaining robust and simple processes and systems takes the time consuming activities out of People Management. This allows key personnel to focus on areas that add value to the business.

Governance and Compliance 

  • Businesses need to be compliant with changing legislation, and this can be a challenge for business owners. We have a strong understanding of these requirements and work with experts in this field to help ensure that our clients understand and meet legislative requirements.
Maximise Sustainability

Performance Management

  • People are complicated – driven by their personality; what motivates them and how to influence these factors. If you get it right, it will differentiate a great business from a good business. We use patented profiling tools and facilitation material to assist you to improve the performance of the workforce.

Workplace Improvement 

  • Moving Human Resource Management from an internal focus to an external focus means employees are actively engaged in improving the business. Aspects include streamlined process improvement; effective team work; mastering meetings or increasing client engagement. These changes add real value to your business and contribute to bottom line growth.