HR Goverance


Policies and Procedures

Audit regularly, review and update.


Risk Assessments

We provide an internal audit for compliance.


Recruitment and Orientation

We ensure you have a compliant process that meets all your legal obligations and is regularly audited.


Employment law changes

We advise and update you anytime there are legislative changes.

Governance and  Compliance

Do you have the relevant policies and Procedures in place?

Do you an annual reorientation programme in place?

Do you have grievance process in place?

Employment law is an area of constant change which can be very frustrating for organisations. For small to medium businesses, keeping up to date with the ever changing legislative requirements of employment law, occupational health and safety, workcover and anti discrimination can be costly and time consuming. 

We have experience and knowledge of the Human Resource and Industrial Relations issues affecting small business and are here to minimise your risk through Governance and Compliance.

We work with you to meet all your legal employment obligations and requirements.

Let’s talk about your HR Goverance needs