Salt & People HR

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Salt & People HR work with businesses to align their (people) activity with their strategy to improve their performance and profit.  

Our HR Consultants have extensive experience in the human resource/people areas in business.  They have worked with senior management teams and business owners to ensure that the ‘people engine’ of their businesses were aligned with their business strategies.  As a result we have been involved in managing and leading changeimproving employee relations and employee engagement/alignment and implementing pragmatic and effective processes & policies. We are always looking for new opportunities to work with business owners to unlock the value of their people and ensure that their people are aligned with their business strategy every day. 

Our HR Consultants have high levels of honesty and integrity, which are core to how we builds trust with people.  We are also certified HR Coach and a member of the HR Coach network – the largest HR coaching network in Australasia.  

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